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17 September 2011. - Strange UFO Caught on Tape over Ireland

6 August 2011. - UFO Over Portrush Harbour Northern Ireland

30 July 2011. - If You Dont Believe in UFOs? Watch This! 2011

UFO Video Compilation 2005-2011 AMAZING FOOTAGE! Real or Fake? It doesn't get any better than this!

30 July 2011. - UFO Over Barry's Amusement Arcade Portrush Northern Ireland

26 March 2011. - UFO Mullingar Ireland - Really clear footage


14 February 2011. - Valentines Day UFOs - Bray, Ireland

I seen at LEAST 50 UFOs on Valentines Day when I was walking on the beach... These are just a fraction of what I saw!

3rd August 2008. - UFO sighting - Dunboyne

This video footage is from Dunboyne, west of Dublin Airport in Ireland. It was taken by a police detective on his mobile phone on the 3rd of August 2008, at 22 45 local time. The triangle UFO captured on the video was one of 4 flying on a northeast heading. The video is slowed down and the laser type beam frozen in time to show that the beam is actually shooting out of the craft. This is the only time in Ireland that a triangle UFO or any UFO has been filmed shooting out a laser type beam. This is the first time it has been shown anywhere outside of our UFO conferences. UPRI Team.

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