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UPRI incorporating UFOSI

was formed in November, 1998. It Constitutes an 'umbrella' group and it is an amalgamation of individuals who pursue their own avenues or fields of research into Unidentified Flying Objects and the Paranormal in general.

All of the UPRI coordinators are former members of other paranormal research bodies, who together, pool their knowledge, experience and resources.

At the core of UPRI's existance is the fact that all of its coordinators have a purely open-minded and totally objective outlook on UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. The assumption is NEVER made that any UFO is categorically extraterrestrial in origin.

Mission Statement

Witness reports and stories are welcome, and UPRI will consider publishing any reports or articles submitted. From past experience in dealing with certain Irish authorities, however, it should be remembered that resolutions to "unusual lights in the sky" simply may not be forthcoming. In the absence of relevant assistance (or even comment) from these authorities, UPRI will not make promises to witnesses.

That said, however, UFO witness reports will be kept on file for reference purposes, and if possible, UPRI will pursue particular cases vigorously. The identities of all witnesses will be protected at all times, and their experiences will not be reported in UPRI's publications without the witness giving permission.

UPRI will document and record all unusual and unexplained phenomena in an unbiased and objective manner. It is a policy of UPRI that while we fully acknowledge the rights of all persons and/or associations to express whatever views they wish regarding the origins of UFO's, UPRI does not have any dealings whatsoever with cults of any kind.

UPRI takes no responsibility for the provenance of video sequences from other websites. They are featured here for interest value.

Your interest in UFO & Paranormal Research Ireland is very much appreciated.

Co Founders Carl Nally and Dermot Butler

New Book For 2018


image of circle of deceit book
From the American southwest to the pampas of Argentina, from the stark beauty of rural New Zealand to the pastures of southern Ireland and Britain, something insidious stalks farm livestock, harvesting specific organs. Some of these cases have involved the sighting of unknown aerial objects. These craft have been observed abducting animals and the unfortunate beasts` carcasses have later been found to have had advanced surgical procedures performed upon them.

The core of this book focuses on a farm in Northern Ireland, where many hundreds of sheep have been subjected to the cold and calculated attentions of a technically advanced intelligence, for purposes unknown. These unwanted intrusions have also involved similarly horrific processes being visited upon domestic pets around the world. The authors illustrate that this bone-chilling phenomenon has now appeared in its most sinister manifestation possible: it has emerged from the boundaries of the animal kingdom and materialized in the human realm...

The managed, choreographed structure of official denial continues to propagate a Circle of Deceit...

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New Book For 2013

STATES OF DENIAL: The Tuskar Rock Incident and Other Mysteries

Investigations into government cover-ups of unexplained phenomena. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, which fly in the face of the laws of physics, intrude upon all aspects of aviation around the globe. These conundrums seem like tangible proof that the universe is a much stranger place than humanity, with its 'consensus reality', is willing to accept.

Among the cases discussed by the authors, one particular event was instrumental in directing their research into aerial phenomena: the mysterious demise of an Aer Lingus airliner close to Tuskar Rock. This case suggested to them that paranormal events were at work in the fatal incident.

Other cases explored indicate that the unexplained is far more prevalent than anyone has dared to imagine. From bizarre time and spatial displacements, to unknown aerial craft firing beams and interfering with nuclear missiles; this book's contents will ensure that no one will ever look at the sky in quite the same way again.

Author Information Carl Nally & Dermot Butler are the co-founders of UPRI, UAP and Paranormal Research Ireland. Both Nally and Butler were born and educated in Dublin. They have been involved with various Paranormal Organisations for over two decades. Their last book, 'Conspiracy of Silence', was a best-seller. Mercier Press: This book is published by Mercier Press, Ireland's oldest independent publishing house, based in Cork.

States of Denial: The Tuskar Rock Incident and Other Mysteries is published in paperback at €12.99 and is also available in eBook format from all the major outlets.

For further information please contact Patrick, Mercier Press, Unit 3B, Oak House, Bessboro Rd, Blackrock, Cork Tel: 021 4614456 Email: